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I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help, I'm just a little confused.
My Prius Excel has the MM19 multimedia unit with Android and Apple Car functions (which I've not actually used, as it then expects all the music to stream from the phone instead).
What I'm puzzled about is Hybrid Coaching isn't a feature in the MyT app, but is for all other Hybrid cars with the MM19 unit.
When I contacted Toyota on Twitter about this they replied that the Multimedia unit is older and not compatible.
I'm not sure how true this answer could be as if it has the same MM19 unit as all other Hybrid cars which feature it why would it not be available as it feels more like a feature which needs to be added into the MyT app rather than something wrong with the Prius Multimedia system.

I e-mailed the MyT app team ages ago and not had a single reply, I suspect they simply don't want to spend money on app development to simply add the code required for the feature?

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38 minutes ago, JonathanP said:

I'm not sure how true this answer could be as if it has the same MM19 unit as all other Hybrid car

Most of the latest Toyotas (eg Yaris Cross, most of the MY22 refreshes) are now being equipped with Toyota's Smart Connect, which is the latest multimedia platform, leaving the lower spec versions with the MM19.


Aside from the above there are rumours there will be a new Prius in 2023.

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