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Clutch for NLP115 chassis Urban Cruiser 1.4 D4D 2011


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Bought an UC recently for commuting to work, within a few days it appears the clutch went (6 weeks ago). Trouble is, I can't find a replacement clutch kit anywhere - seem to be rarer than rocking horse !Removed!. Any suggestions, I thought a simple google search would do it but after what has now been hours I am no further on. My mechanic tells me his enquiries with Toyota reveal a "backlog" but with no dates for arrival. Looking at the aftermarket offerings, there is plenty of choice for the NLP110 chassis but not the NLP115 - is there an obvious reason? Anyone know of an aftermarket kit that would work?


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It should be the same as the yaris i will look it up

31250-0W140 or 31210-0W211

LUK 623 3317 33 (No stock but maybe to order) LUK show it as a current part

the full Kit is £300

looks like it's specific to the NLP115, you may need to change the dual mass flywheel - i have UC's cheap due to the clutch, this is likely why

i will check a few other vendors...............

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