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Toyota Estima - Petrol Hybrid - Import - Insurance Issues ?

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Hello folks,

I tried to obtian a insurance quote for a Toyota Estima - Petrol Hybrid (Import) which has only just been registered in the UK, so it has a registration number now, just waiting for the paper work to come before I collect the car.

Our Insursance provider could not find the car on the system via the UK Registration plate, so they tried to manually enter the details but advised they could not insure the car with the details provided.

They said they could only find a Petrol version of this car, not a Hybrid.

I managed to find some online qoutes for insurance but again they were for a Toyota Estimata Petrol, not Hybrid. Though I did select Import on when requesting  the quote.

Will the fact that the ''Hybrid'' model is not available on the insurance portal, invalidate my insurance at all ?

Anyone who has a similar car, how have you managed to insure your vehicle ?


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You actually need to insure the car for what it is - a hybrid not just a petrol model. Try Adrian Flux 0800 5876 317 (mention you're a Toyota Owners Club member) and also do an internet search for specialist insurers.

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Yeah, that's one of the downsides of imported cars - You often need to find specialist import car insurers, as most normal insurance companies don't have Estimas in their database and their system will try to classify it as a Previa (The UK name for the Estima, when they still sold them here!)

Adrian Flux and Sky Insurance are good first two places to start as they are the two most popular insurers for JDM imports by ricing enthusiasts :laugh: 

If you imported it via a broker or specialist importer, they often have a list of insurance companies who will insure the car that they can give you.


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It takes a few weeks to come up on MID, DVLA and PNC

keep an eye on the MOT/Tax checker website and AskMID





You will be able to get a quote over the phone you will need a frame number and the Reg, the big insurers don't usually quote on Imports - iirc Swinton cover imports

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Hi all, thanks to everyone for your responses, appreciated.

I rang and spoke to Adrian Flux, the price they quoted was incredibly expensive (over 3x times the price another quoted).

I told the chaps at Adrian Flux about the comparison site I had used and that there was no Hybrid option...it was only petrol.

They said that is normal and not an issue.  They couldn't find any better prices but will speak to other under writers. They said to CALL any of the insurance providers from the comparison site...rather than relying on the online updates.

Ive since spoken to a big insurance brand, they were the 3rd cheapest but I decided to stick with them as they are well known and big firm. They are aware it's a imported  vehicle (Asia) and I also informed them it's Hybrid Petrol, but the system would only allow Petrol version. They have made a manual entry on the system to tag it's a Hybrid and have insured the car!

The car does come up on the UK.GOV MOT checker sites BUT the registration number still does not pull up any info., so details had to be manually inserted.

I'll be picking up the car in the coming weeks!

Thanks everyone for your help

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Wow, that's incredible! Well done!! It is very unusual for an insurance company to just list it as one type of engine (i.e. petrol) and just add a note that it's something else (i.e. hybrid). Mainstream insurance companies tend to get uppity about imports because of parts availability, but the Estima is veeeery popular with mini cabbies so I guess they have a better lead on parts...


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I've taken the name down of the Chap I spoke with and must have repeated the fact it it's a IMPORT and it's a Petrol Hybrid. 

The conversation is recorded (by the insurer) and Ill be double checking the paper work.

During our conversation the chap did take 5mins to go and speak with someone and came back and confirmed they WOULD insure this import.à

Very friendly chap and helpful.

Yes you're right ... Estima are much more popular now and more common. Some good news for anyone looking to buy an import ! 🙂

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I'm sure you will enjoy it - I tried out a few when my dad was looking for something to replace his Corolla Verso and I was amazed at how well equipped they are (Esp. the 7 and 6-seater ones; Reclining seats and swivel seats! And tables! With screens and individual HVAC controls!!).

Never understood why Toyota never sold them here, esp. given how obviously popular they are as imports! When you ask them about it they just point you at the Proace series, which are just rebadged french vans! Nowhere near as nice.

Then again if Toyota UK's current decision making process is anything to go by they'd probably not let us have any of the good specs anyway :laugh:  Still jealous of all the cool toys the JDM-spec Yaris Mk4's get that we don't! :crybaby: 

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On 1/21/2022 at 5:47 PM, Jam360 said:

Hi @therealhyper,

Would you mind mmentioning on here or direct message me the comparison website and the insurance company you are uusing.

Going the the same process and finding it challenging.

Any help appreciated.



PM on its way to you.

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