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RAV 4 PHEV cabin heat in coold weather ?


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Heard that RAV 4 PHEV have problem with  pleasant cabin heat in coold weather (below -5 C)

Do You have any experience of that ?

I have had some problem with that issue with my Prius PHV 2018


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i live in aberdeenshire, have set cabin heating on whilst plugged in at about minus 7 and it seemed to warm up - but after the 20 min timer it hadnt hit the 22degC setpoint.  I set it going again and when i went to the car it was nice and toasty.  


Not seeing any mega cold snaps in the weather forecast next week but can keep a closer eye and give more specifics next time it does cool down if you wish

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Not had any real experience below about -40oC as yet but as Chris has said pre heating using either the cable whether or just the Battery does get well into the heating process and certainly de ice the car.  Once in the car the system kicks in again and I switch from ECO to Normal drive mode which allow more heat pump activity drain on the traction Battery.  Once the cabin is up to temperature I switch to ECO mode most days.  I've found the heated seats to be quick and effective at giving that extra personal heat boost, not just the seat but up around the back.  If it's really cold I'll switch the seat to the lower setting but most times I just switch it off.  

My understanding is that once it gets to around the -10oC the heat pump is more or less useless and the ICE will kick in. How this helps I can not say but I guess, that there may be a ceramic heater that would come into play. This is partly based on how I think the defroster works on the front screen as there are no window elements the heat is generated somewhere and blown on the screen, if you switch the front demister on when you are in the car the ICE will fire regardless of the SOC of the traction Battery.

My old Isuzu Trooper diesel had a ceramic heater as standard which was powered by a large deep cycle auxiliary battery.

So far I'm happy with the RAV in this respect my big moan is that I just wish it had the heated steering wheel.

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