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Auris 2.2/2.0 Resonator Delete


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Hey everyone!

I've just found out that the resonator on the 2.2/2.0 also contains an oxidation catalytic converter as well as the resonator. Has anyone failed their MOT for having this removed?

I was planning on having an exhaust made from DPF back, however this would obviously remove the oxidation cat. My DPF is still intact, and therefore still contains the NSR and DPNR.

I'm only wondering, as the MOT states that a removal of any emissions controlling device is a fail, however there would still be two "cats" on the car, is this still a fail? Would an MOT tester even likely notice/ know that the resonator contained an oxidation cat since the DPF will still be in place and intact? 

I have considered gutting the res, and making it a "dummy box", however I'm having that removed partially for greater ground clearance (damn speed bumps).

Any input is appreciated!

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