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Previa head gasket

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Hi there,  I have a 1994 Previa 100k miles.  unfortunately the head gasket has gone on the coolant side.  The car itself has no rust and in the past 18 months I have had the suspension brakes, bushes and Aircon replaced, so i am reluctant to walk away.  I am a less than confident DIY mechanic who has mainly worked on motorbikes , so cars - mid engine cars etc are scary.  i guess my main question is i am looking for a recommended garage to fix the head gasket - i am aware it won't be cheap.  I have tried various garages near to me at Shrewsbury and they all suck their teeth and walk away.  i don't mind getting the car transported if necessary but i want to use the right person.  i am trying to use the internet / forums etc to locate someone who does know there way around previas, but am coming up blank.  Would you be able to point me the right direction? do you know anyone who does specialise or is confident in this field? I would be grateful for any advice, cheers steve

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good luck with that one.


One garage told me the Spark plugs were lifelong and could not be changed.

I lifted the drivers seat, replaced the plugs and the rocker cover gasket.

There is a video online of an Australian guy who changed his Previa (Targo) head gasket!

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