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Catalytic converters


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Here we go again, lol

If you have a 1.5 or hybrid the cat is up high in-between the back of the engine and firewall very few yaris's have had an issue, only the MK1's  seem to be attacked by clueless yobs as the cats are worthless, the later P130 Yaris has a lower amount of catalyst

i don't think catloc even make one for the Yaris - edit. They do, but it only covers the small secondary filter what has very little in the way of catalyst


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As far as I'm aware from Police and media reports, the main Toyota models affected by cat thefts are the Auris (especially the hybrid) and some versions of the Prius. Not aware that the Yaris is as affected as these two models.

Toyota dealers can fit a cat protection device (Catloc) to some Toyotas, and there are also third party devices available. 

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Raw materials are hard to come by atm due to Covid and political issues. Prices are going through the roof and why thieves are very activate.

Just have to try to protect what’s yours and vulnerable - best you can.

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