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Catalytic converter thefts


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Hey. Was wondering about Auris 2010-2011 diesels? Are they targeted also or it's only for hybrids and petrols? I'm looking to buy a new Toyota cuz my Prius 2008 cat was stolen. Quite a stressful experience to say the least.. So i just sold the car entirely. Now i'm lookin for another car (preferably Toyota) to buy and i'm wondering if i should buy Auris. If diesels are also being targeted then i might pass on Toyota altogether sadly. I'm lookin at 2010/11/12 Gen1 facelift 1.4 D-4D. Any info would be highly appreciated.

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It is the same as the Yaris you asked about, the cat and the manifold are near identical - taxes, fuel and emission will soon make small diesels uneconomical- A Yaris hybrid may fit your needs and should return 50-60 real world MPG (24 KM/L)

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