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I read through a lot of threads on here about the TPMS, if only I had gone on here first , instead of reading through the useless handbook which doesn't even mention the TPMS or show you the tyre warning light or the reset button. We got a flat tyre and we had just been shopping, not a problem unloaded the boot and chucked everything in the car, spare wheel and wheel spanner out, bugger jacks in the car unloaded the car got the jack out from under the passenger seat, bugger I'm to close to the kerb to use, not going well but at least I have the lock nut spanner and the space saver was inflated. Now the question, had 2 tyres fitted at the rear told them the pressure was 32lbs but they put 35lbs, I didn't see anyone reset the system, the tyre warning light was out when I started the car, so when home I checked the pressures when cold (over inflated) I'm thinking that when tyres are inflated and you press the reset button for 3 secs it remembers that pressure, (correct me if I'm wrong) now I have inflated the tyres to correct pressure, I'm assuming I have to press the reset button to over ride the last reset, is that how it works.

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Do you mean 32psi? Whatever you’ve set them at, you will need to reset system for it to register new setting. 

I always inflate to lower pressure (30psi), then reset system, then inflate to correct pressures (32psi). This way, you won’t get unwanted warnings if pressure drops by 2/3psi.

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