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Clunking noise front wheel driver side


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Without any warning I discovered a clunking like noise from the front driver side wheel.

i was told it could be as simple as linkages or bearings.

Has anyone experienced this type of noise or similar with your Toyota.

Any tips or advice most welcome.

i suspect I will need to find a reliable mechanic who is not going to rip me off....




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Yes, a 2004 car is going to have worn out suspension components due to age, nothing to do with it being a Toyota.

You have to get the wheels off the ground and then apply force in different directions until you can see or feel where the movement is. It is best left to a mechanic if you're unsure what to do. If you're lucky, it might just be anti-roll bar links. These are the cheapest thing to replace and a very common point of failure on any old car.

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Cheers for that - I hope it is anti-roll bar links.  I had the same issue on my other 2004 Avensis, common Avensis problem,  I believe these issues were rectified when the manufacturer corrected this defect in the later 2011 models.

Thanks for the message!

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Just to be clear, there is absolutely nothing bad about the 2004 model year, as far as I'm aware. I only mentioned the year to point out that it is an 18 year old car. Things wear out. 🙂

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No its perfectly fine.  the older models do have defects as is the passenger drive airbag recalls too.  The parts they used are no robust nor are they built to last hence they rectified this in later models.

All manufacturers are never perfect and this is common in older cars where they are mass produced.

One of those things that I will avoid next time I get a Toyota.  

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