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T27 wiper blade issue


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When I purchased my T27 Avensis, the driver's side wiper blade was smearing a bit on the return stroke. I just assumed the blades were worn, so I replaced them, but that didn't solve the problem. I've now tried three different brands of wiper blade and they all exhibit the same issue: they clear the windscreen perfectly on the upwards stroke, but on the return stroke there's one spot that smears, right near the centre of the driver's side blade in about the bottom third of the wiper's path. It's almost like there's not quite enough pressure being applied at that point.

Does anyone else have this issue (I'm wondering if it's a design flaw)? My windscreen is in good condition and perfectly clean (I even used special glass polish on it to see if that would help). The wiper arm is in good condition and seems to be perfectly aligned.

The brands of wiper blade I've tried are:

  • Tridon (an Australian OEM parts supplier) - these were on the car when I bought it
  • Some Chinese blades from aliexpress.com
  • Genuine Toyota blades (on the car now)

One I haven't tried is Bosch Aerotwin, but I'm doubting another brand will make any difference.

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Does the amount of water on the screen result in anything different? Maybe when heavy rain it doesn’t smear, light rain it does

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I find that cleaning the wipers and the screen sorts the smearing issue. I think the screen or wipers have polish contamination, which is causing the smearing. Just use vinegar based glass cleaner or anti smear solution on the windscreen, and warm soapy water on the blades, though you did replace the blades so it must be the screen. 

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