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Front underside bumper loose


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Was cleaning the car today to realise one side of the lower part of my bumper was detached. Not the large bumper at the front, but the smallish one underneath that,
As you can see in this picture that I took before I'd mended it... ( Thankfully I found a spare screw in the toolbox and was able to re-attach it to the car and it now doesn't detach but does have some play )

I had a good look underneath and could also see something else, what seems like some sort of plastic cover has also become detached, and there are screws/nuts which seem to have forcibly been pulled off.


I managed to do my best to keep them in place, but obviously this will need a trip to the mechanic.
I'd assume this happened when coming off someones drive the other day at the wrong angle and heard a large noise coming from the area.

Does this look like an easy fix for a mechanic ?


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Mechanic did it for free within 10 minutes.

Tightened up the screw for the bumper then cable tied the tray back into place, no more movement :thumbup:

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4 hours ago, wildtapholer said:

Stop pulling up to near the curb, you can drive up them but they rip the trim off when you reverse back.

Yeah lesson learned. Won't happen again :thumbup:

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