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2004 avensis headlights

Jesse NZ

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I currently have some very dim 05-42 HID headlights in my 2004 toyota avensis, I'm want to buy a new set but they are hard to find in New Zealand, I'm wanting to buy standard non HID headlights which are 05-41 these should fit right? I understand I will need an auto sparky to wire them in, but it should work right? Just want to be sure before I pay alot of money to buy the new headlights.



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i had the same issue when i purchased my avensis second hand.

turned out it was not the bulbs at fault and any sales attempt by a dealer to sell me higher power bulbs was a false economy.

the true problem was the metalilc lining of the housing of the headlights which had deteriorated and burnt off inside the housing.

thats because plastic and metal do not bond too well - in a similar way the gear knob looses the metal coating over time, the interior of the headlamp is a defect.

it's a common fault and yet whilst tedious to DIY fix, it can be done for less than the price of aluminium adhesive tape, cut into little triangles and stuck on the interior of the housing to act as a perfectly adequate reflective surface - or you can pay north of €400 for each part plus labour to install new ones.

You will need patience to safely remove each headlamp, without fully detaching the font bumper, and a large home oven to carefully low temperature roast the unit to soften the adhesive clamshell that keep it all together, prize it apart, access the interior, stick down your tape, and reassemble the whole thing. There's youtube videos about it.

Saved me a fortune and has never failed since a good few years now.

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