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My Totoya Apps for 2013 Auris (Tomtom, Google, Weather) via TOUCH AND GO - no longer ?


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Hi long time owner of 2013 Auris Touring, due to medical reasons the car hasn't been used fully for around a year.  We try to use the apps on the factory fitted TOUCH AND GO  (tomtom, Google and Weather) which all failed to connect as "no subscription".  I had previously raised a help call in beginning of 2021 where Toyota advised that the my tool kit program you loaded onto PC then copied the subscription (for free) via USB had stopped and it would all be Web based.  And the only apps left would be those 3 (it previously had twitter, fuel price etc).


So  I log into today, I can see my vehicle(s), all details correct, previous purchase (Albeit free) from the app store are there but when I load the APP STORE it is completely empty and NO options for any apps.  I also note there doesn't even to be a option or link to enable a purchase of an updated map (Which they advised would be yearly now

I have emailed Toyota, but based on my last contact it took several weeks to get a reply, can anyone help on what they are doing of have done. 

I did actually like the google search and found it worked very well.


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Toyota now state ALL apps are not supported, so will fail to work.

They haven’t updated any of their websites nor have they removed spec from used car on their websites advertising that all this still works… which it doesn’t.  They also didn’t tell customers this.

Map updates can no longer be done at home, and must be done through dealership (so they can make even more money ie map charge and then labour for what is a simple task).  However maps codes and downloads still be be purchased on eBay,

Must confess getting tempted with a few other minor niggles of their service to change brand. 



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