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Front and Rear Wiper Blades


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Hope everyone is safe and well.


The standard size is 26" driver side and 14" passenger size and 8" on the rear?

Will it work if I were to adjust the sizes a bit, say 24" on the driver side and 16" on the passenger side? so that it clears a bit more on the that?

As for the rear, its just so small, will a 10" fit?


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You'll have to eyeball the overlap yourself and see if it will work; As long as they don't interfere with each other you might even be able to get away with 26+16, as long as they stay within the boundaries of the windscreen!

Maybe tape some straws to the wipers or something to it to simulate the changes and then you can see how they sweep visually.

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Having them unequal sizes ensures that visibility is best where it counts, from the drivers side, and you don't end up with an unswept triangle in your line of vision when looking left. Better that the passenger have to live with that than the driver.

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9 hours ago, xrhstosgr said:

Good Evening I have tried several brands of wipers but the top one is Denso as it offers a strong fit and has very high weather resistance

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45 minutes ago, Catlover said:

I dont suppose Toyota did it 26”-14”-10” for a reason!

Maybe an extra 2” could put extra load on the wiper motor and shorten life of the motor. 


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Thanks All for your input, I had a trial and answer is stick to the original, 26", 14" and 8".

Got the Bosch H200 for the rear, fronts are Bosch, coming up to a year, still good, will decide whether to get Bosch or Denso hybrid when its time.

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