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MyT error warnings

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Car has arrived by dealer awaiting collection

The MyT app records 2 warnings:

- issue with the sonar dustem

- issue with vehicle stability control system

dis anyone else have this?

is this supposed to be like that (resolved during pdi) or is there something wrong with my car?


@Devon Aygo @Parts-King
I’m  guessing you will know 

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I have exactly the same warnings on MyT.  Dealer assures me this is OK as car will now go through full set etc and all warnings will disappear if all is well.

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Did the warning disappear on MyT. I just had my car delivered couple of days ago and the warning is still showing up in the app.

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This warnings registered on a brand new car that still hasn’t been delivered to customer may confirm what some members believe is the reason why many new Toyota cars has issues with 12v Battery shortly after purchase. Similar faults comes as a result of low voltage on the 12v system and if the car been seated at some parking plus the time while in transport and here we have a brand new car with reduced 12v Battery capacity. Best to double check this Battery and fully charge with external charger shortly after delivery to save and prolong the life of your 12v battery. Enjoy your new car 🚗  👍

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