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Yaris 2007 - ABS warning light?

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Hi everyone,

ABS warning light has suddenly started coming on from start-up, and stays on.  Brakes seem fine, but presumably the ABS is not working.  Any suggestions for common causes/fixes?


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Get the codes read, it could be anything


a wild stab in the dark i would say a rear wheel speed sensor

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Thanks for the replies on this.  Quick update for anyone interested:

Flash22 was correct:  got the codes read and it turned out to be rear-offside wheel sensor.  This can only be replaced by removing the wheel hub bearing, so it was replaced as an integral unit (bearing with sensor).  Worth noting that ABS light (system failure) is an MoT failure - even though the brakes work and we used to drive cars without ABS.

Curiously, this car (2007) had the same hub-bearing replaced roughly 30k miles earlier, and had an MoT advisory last year for slight bearing noise (same wheel).  I'm wondering if there might be an alignment problem - maybe it's had a hard knock sometime in the past.  Does anyone know whether the rear wheel alignment can be adjusted on the Yaris MkII ?

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No, it has a subframe, there is no adjustment on the rear. There are two big bushes in the subframe, it is possible you have wear in those 

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If you do buy a wheel bearing make sure it has the abs. I did buy a cheap one from eBay with no name for about £30, the Abs worked though but the next year got a mot warning about wheel bearing noise. 


So I got a more expensive wheel bearing with a name on it, blue print that I ordered from Amazon. Now the car is quiet as a mouse. 


If this wheel bearing has already been changed, you may be able to get it out yourself. Also if you have a drum brake, you can service that. Simply spray it with a degreaser and pour got water over it. Then add grease, the wheel should spin twice. Or the drum brake may need adjustment... 


If you do not have drum brake ignore my last few sentences. 

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