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1995 Corolla hatch 1.3

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Hi there

I’ve recently bought a white ‘95 Corolla hatchback, before I put it on the road I need to do some maintenance for it however I can’t find anywhere to get parts, might be down to me or availability? 
does anyone know a place to purchase parts such as a bonnet, suspension components etc? 
alternatively what can I search for on eBay etc to get the results I’m after?

any help is appreciated


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Always going to be difficult finding Body panels for such an old car, so probably online scap yards or eBay may be your only hope ?

For some mechnaical parts and service items there still seems to be a fair few uk suppliers as below, there are a couple of EU suppliers as well that do seem to have extensive stocks.






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Know its a later model but this long thread about doing up a 1998 Corolla  might be of interest as Mick obtained lots of parts for his and mentions where he got them from so there is a good chance they might also have 1995 parts.

Seems to remember he did one or more follow up posts, if you search.


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