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I'm looking for the PDF version of 2005 Corolla Hatchback user manual

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Hello everyone, I've been searching online for the user manual but I keep getting results that confuse me; I keep seeing images of the model that came after my model. Just in case of need for reference, my model is the one pictured at https://www.autoevolution.com/cars/toyota-corolla-5-doors-2004.html#aeng_toyota-corolla-5-doors-2004-14-vvt-i

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You should be able to find that User manual direct from Toyota  -


If looking to do some diy servicing then the Haynes manual is your best bet , well worth the money.


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Sadly Toyota don't seem to provide PDF manuals for older cars.

I have one in my random car pdfs directory, but it's for USA models (And I suspect may be for a saloon rather than a hatch).

You could ask your local Toyota dealer to order one, as I think they still stock them. I got one for my Mk2 that way, as it somehow had the wrong manual when I bought it (Was supplied with the manual for a Mk1!!).

Was actually cheaper new from the dealer than it was second hand from eBay!!

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Just downloaded these 2004 and 2006  manuals though not sure which country they are for, probably the US as they show the 1.8 engine ,so things like radios and some fuses and accessories may be different.




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