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7 digit vin number help

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Hi, just purchased an 88 2.8L Cressida mx73 and am in the process of registering it to the UK. Slight issue in that it’s got a 7 digit vin number so insurance companies apparently can’t give me a quote. Been doing some reading and seems like standard 17 digit vin numbers were required from 1981, so why would the car have a 7 digit vin printed on all windows, and in the engine bay, and on the original registration documents. Thank you



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If it was originally a Japanese Domestic Market car, it won't have a VIN. What it will have is a Frame (Chassis) Number.

Longer than 7 digits though.



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AS above...JDM vehicles have frame numbers (not VIN)..and mine is 12 digits long.!

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It could be a that only certain insurance companies will insure this vehicle.  I have built kit cars in the past which clearly have no VIN but have gained insurance using the chassis number as the identifying mark.  If I am fairly certain that I went through Adrian Flux on some occasions.

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It maybe an SA car, looking at the plate it's been living in SA (Built in Japan for the SA market)

A frame number will look like MX73R - xxxxxxx

Drop me a PM with the Frame No. and i will look it up for you

As it's a Manual, it only comes it 2 trims XL or GLX

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