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1.4 D-4D clutch issue. Advice sought.

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Hi there, I'm new to this forum but not to Yaris owning. We have just bought a 2003, mk1 1.4 D-D from an elderly man. The dear old chap had to stop driving as his left leg was weak. The car is very good generally, only 70k miles and only one owner all services done!

However, I think the old chap's leg problem has affected the clutch. It's OK under 3000 revs but if the throttle is pressed firmly in 3rd or 4th gear it slips. My local garage is happy to replace the clutch but was uncertain about the need for a new flywheel and that is my question.

How likely is it that a replacement FW will be needed. Where to source such an item? I've searched and can only find a couple second hand on eBay. Any advice will be welcome.

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The Mk1 uses a single-mass/solid flywheel (i.e. a normal flywheel) and unless the clutch has worn down to the rivets (And is carving grooves into it) it shouldn't need replacing.

It's not that big a deal to replace anyway - SMF for the Mk1 from a dealer I was quoted £134 so not that expensive (esp. vs the £500 or thereabouts for the DMF for my dad's old diesel Verso!! :eek: )


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Thanks to all, I thought it was not a DMF but wanted to be certain. As has been said, the F/W is cheap enough to replace if needed. Whatever is needed I will do because the car is a little gem, 70k miles and 1 owner, body work gleaming, just serviced and full history - all good. Clean oil, new air filter, tyres, brake pads, in other words no obvious consumables costs on the horizon.

Don't make me an offer!

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