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Sat Nav that with pair with Corolla Touring Sport

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Hi we have a Toyota Corolla touring sport and want to add a sat Nav don’t really want another screen which app do other Drivers recommend that pair with the screen. 

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On 3/27/2022 at 11:49 AM, thedon62 said:

I have Waze and Google maps.

Lots out there.

Defeatedly recommend Waze 

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8 hours ago, davidif said:

definitely even!! 

I thought we had found another “H” when I saw that! 😀

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Another Waze user, via Android Auto, here.

The only thing I don't like about Waze is that it doesn't integrate with the turn by turn directions on the dashboard. I've sent Waze a support request about this issue but they didn't seem all that bothered.

Google maps does support the dashboard and a recent newcomer called Amigo (by TomTom) also does.

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Google Maps for me, but none of them perfect.

I've used Waze as well but that failed to me that a road was submerged by a flood, which made me very late for an appointment.

Having said that though, Google Maps failed to me that the main road into town was shut for gas main works, it had been shut for 3 weeks by that point.

None of them are perfect

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Personally I use Waze as Google Maps is sometimes poor for updating after overnight roadworks that close a road so trying to send you on unnecessary diversion. Waze appears better in this respect.

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