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Aygo Missing Boot Light

Lenard C

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I'm relevant new here but I just had a question regarding the Aygo Boot light. I own a Toyota Aygo JBL Edition 2021 and for some reason there is no boot light. Is this normal for this particular trim level?

I can see that there is the space where the light should be but there is a plastic cover. I think it was blanked out by Toyota for some reason. Do you think I can retro fit one there? Did anyone do this?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Some versions of the pre-facelift (2014-2018) didn't have a boot light. Presume the same of the post-facelift (2018-2021).

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See if the plug is there, it may be taped up to the loom - a quick look shows it was part of the smart entry pack

Part No. 81330-02060 (substituted by 81250-30210) all the same 2016 onwards (10/2015) the same part is fitted to a lot of different cars

8133002060 £31 retail new


It's the same part as the mk3 Yaris facelift 2014 onwards


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In my 2021 Aygo : no light in the boot either.

I fitted a LED flashlight on batteries that has a magnet. sold under various brand names...
Does the job well and no effort to install, more light , easy to use anywhere and in any direction... and cheap, less than 10 pounds.
Easy fits on the backside of the back seats (completely metal).

I made the Aygo to be a Skoda : simply clever !


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37 minutes ago, Stormchaser said:

There isn,t one in my wifes 2020 X Trend either.I bought a motion sensing LED strip off Ebay that just uses a magnet on the back of the rear seats.It works great.

Which is what I did. 

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