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I Am Leaking Something Please Help...


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Hi All,

i have a V reg Avensis 1.8

I have just watched my wife pull up to my work and discovered a trail of fluid behind her.

It appears to be water through touch and smell

I checked the coolant level and it is stable at the max line. At the rate it is dripping i would have thought it had gone down.

The leak is coming from the very back of the engine bay and just to the passenger side.

Could this be an Air Con problem? Although it appears to be working fine.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hello there,

When I first got my 2001 Avensis I noticed a similar phenomenon. After a long journey with the air-con on, I parked up outside my house. Minutes later I noticed a liquid dribbling from the same location you describe. On checking the fluid levels, they were all ok so it wasn't a leak. It was just water, condensation I think, dribbling off the condenser, or whatever it's called :rolleyes: , used by the air-con unit.

Of course I may be wrong, but I think it is just normal and I didn't worry about it.

Like the air-con, which is just a big fridge, a kitchen fridge produces water too, which you never see as it quickly evaporates from the back.

Hope this helps,


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It's perfectly normal.

Your air-conditioning dehumidifies the air meaning that the moisture has to go somewhere, the liquid you have seen is this condensed moisture dripping out of a drain-pipe, it proves it's working.

Please don't be one of the hundreds of people I have seen driving round with their windows open whilst the A/C is on trying to air-condition the world.

Also, A/C isn't just for summer, in the winter it demists the windows in seconds as it blows dry air.

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Hi and thanks for the responses

I certainly do make sure the windows are shut when A/C is on - pretty pointless otherwise.

I was also pleasantly surprised in the winter when i could de-mist my windows in seconds with A/C!

Cheers all

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