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Oat coolant mannol g12+

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Has anybody tried this coolant, I know it is good for aluminium which vvt engines use, and is neutral for plastics and rubbers. Though I did put pink coolant (hoat) in my avensis and Yaris 3 years ago. 


I got 10 litres for £15 from eBay


Maybe I can use it is a base solution for a driveway cleaner cocktail. Which is fun to make.  As Oat stands for organic acid technology.

       Thanks in advance. 

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I don't know whether your driveway remark is serious or not? I'll bite!

If used as a driveway cleaner, I suspect it would be washed off using water. That water and coolant could enter the drains.

Used antifreeze has to be disposed of correctly, not down the drain.

Never used it. Although over twice that price for 5 litre, but pink, I use Toyota's own coolant pre-mix. More than likely it will be fine.

Toyota red coolant can be had for £25 - £30/5 litre from that well known auction site. Personally, I'd use Toyota's. However, that is probably made by one of those outside sources.

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This coolant probably it’s fine but I will never buy and use mannol products, I had bad experience they are cheap and nasty.
Coolant, transmission fluid best to be genuine ones from a dealer. Engine oil can do with other brands as long as it’s same as the original grade and type. 

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OK I stick with the original pink formula. 

Many thanks for the replies. 

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