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Water pump


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I have a Toyota Corolla GS Liftback, 1999 year. I noticed a small patch if what seemed like water on the road under the engine after the car had been sitting for 48 hours. After a few days that patch largely disappeared with just a small grease/oil stain left. The garage said I might need a new water pump, over £300 including VAT for a new pump and labour. I've kept a close eye on things and have yet to see a similar patch on the road. Also levels in the radiator are good and the reservoir. I really don't want to go to a huge expense for a maybe. Any ideas or ways I can double check things myself? Thank's. 


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You could try a visual inspection and look for evidence that the pump has been leaking. There's normally a very small 'weep hole' beneath the drive pulley and that's where the coolant will be escaping from if the seal has failed. Try to find the hole and look for a tell tale stain.

Other than that, I would be inclined to carry on and just keep it under observation, as long as it's not overheating and the coolant loss isn't significant.

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