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Blower only works on highest speed

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I have acquired another Toyota, this time 1.0 2005 Yaris, and one of it's few quirks is that blower works only on max setting.

From what i found online, seems to be the blower resistor, but i haven't found where it's located on the car, to check it's connections.

I found the below part number, and should be correct.

Just wanted to know, is this a fixable part in some cases, or just needs to be replaced.

Also, could it be something else, except the resistor?



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It's usually the resistor and that it usually mounted on the outside of the fan body and it's usually replaceable.

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I used to work in the dealer workshop of a French manufacture.

The heater resistor was a common failure with the fan only working on highest speed.

A few things to think about though, why has the resistor blown?

Usually a worn heater motor was the culprit but the wiring to the resistor and fan needs to be checked, along with the switch or any part taking an electrical load for the fan, as this could have a high resistance causing the resistor to fail.

In the end we refused to replace the resistor on its own, as we were forever having the cars back getting free replacements after a few months under warranty, which were then not being paid by the manufactures.

Obviously a Toyota is not French, but the principles remain, has to be a reason why it blew. 

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Kinda too late to re-engineer a solution that requires a simple fix, but i get you.

Also it's a hassle, but people would happily do it, especially during colder months.

I wonder if the resistor could be fixed, instead of just being replaced, kinda skeptical, but will try to get it in next few days.

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I got the time to take mine out and inspect it. 

Looks to me that the top part is a thermal fuse, with 172kr1 written on it,  my guess is it's a 10 amp 172C fuse.

So should be fixable, since the rest that's soaked in green is i presume just metal. Price of fuse is around 0.7 GBP.

Anyway, just a thought, i already asked around for a used one.


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