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Mk3 Toyota Yaris reliability issues.

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Hi Everybody,  in response to some of my recent topics on this and other Uk & US Forums  concerning the Mk3 2011 onwards Toyota Yaris.

Some feedback I have received seems to reveal some issues with shockers and rear wheel bearing failures  at low miles.

I understand it could be due to the way some people drive over road humps, hitting them fast will certainly damage shockers on any vehicle. Road humps are a nuisance especially the abrupt type humps which hit and damage bumpers and chassis even at low speeds.

This question applies to drivers of the Mk3 Yaris who do not drive over road humps fast and hit potholes.  

My question is: "Are these common problems on the Mk3 model? 


Is this issue a common fault on the Mk3 Yaris?

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You need to be careful as regards US forums, as the Yaris saloon (Yaris IA) sold in the US from 2014/15 was a re-badged Mazda 2 saloon, and for 2019-20 the Yaris hatchback was a re-badged Mazda 2. Two quite different cars to the European Yaris, and reliability issues may be quite different.

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It would seem that mine and others experience here would complain about the high level brake light failures. I note the replacement is a different part number to the original - at £100!

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I don't drive like a F1 participant and very carefully over speed humps/bumps. Avoid potholes and corner very sedately.

But at 30k miles and 38k miles for a rear wheel bearing to fail and a front road spring to break is, in my opinion, unacceptable in a car with perceived quality. A busted spring and failed wheel bearing are certainly shockers at such low mileage.

In all my years of owning and driving many different cars over many miles there has never been a failure of those particular parts.

And as Bob writes, £100 for a plastic housing with 6 l.e.d.s, is crazy money. Thankfully the high level brake light is an easy swap. I thought l.e.d.s are meant to last much longer than incandescent lamps? The original filament indicator, reversing and sidelight lamps are still working (oops, that means one will pop now). The replacement Osram H4 Nightbreakers are still going strong after 6 years.

Rant over!

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