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YouTube lit up this morning with driving based reviews of the US BZ4X (both trims and FWD and AWD).

Watched a couple so far and all generally positive (as you’d expected from an influencer based event).

Couple of things are sticking out, the main one being the AWD has a different Battery and only charges 100KW DC (apparently due to supply chain issues). Anyone know if this is going to be the same for UK markets or have we skipped the problem?

Second thing is from what I can tell so far the US spec doesn’t include the park assist on the Vision and Premiere UK editions so no videos showing that so far.

Finally the Regenerative Boost isn’t quite one pedal drive, it coasts at 4mph rather than coming to a full stop. Am hoping that might change with a future software update. 

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All their hybrids are set up like that too, sort of simulate 1st gear idle coasting at 4-5mph.

I'm in two minds about the charging speed - My criteria for a long range vehicle is specifically so I don't have to fast-charge it. If you fast charge all the time, it degrades the Battery faster - I'd much rather do a long slow charge at the end of the journey rather than having to stop every 80-150 miles specifically to charge on the way anyway.

But having high charging speeds in a pinch could come in handy in an emergency.

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The AWD drive models in Europe come with Panasonic batteries (as far as I'm aware) so they will be 150 kW charging. 

The CATL batteries are for American markets due to a lack of supplies. 

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I think bz4x it’s a really nice car and excellent alternative to the Rav4 phev if you don’t need the petrol part of it. Just back from nice day out in central London and as always I specifically spent some time watching the cars and particularly the ph and taxis. Prius still dominates but a lot of the others are now full Evs with most popular Tesla model 3, Hyundai ioniq electric, kona, kia , there are quite few Vw id3 and id4, Addison Lee has a fleet of id4 s now too. Also noticed a lots of white van been electric, Nissan perhaps, even I saw similar van converted to a black taxi, plus the electric taxis. The picture is charging by the day there. Soon likely to see bz4x as ph car too. Corolla hybrids only two, the other one was a Suzuki. Hybrids in general disappear from central streets pushed away by the full Evs. 🔋🚗👌

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