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Aygo Digital Speedometer

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Afternoon, everyone.

I have just bought a 2015 Aygo.

I noticed the speedometer is analogue and I wondered if it was possible to have the speed displayed in a digital way at all.

Any advice welcomed.

Thanks for your time.



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There's no official way, but you could get a display that plugs into the ODB2 port to show speed, RPM, temps etc.

Someone on the forum also mentioned they had a GPS-based speed monitor - Normally I'd discount those as they usually update far too slow to be of any real use, but they claimed their one updated quite quickly.


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As above, years ago bug owners got a Scangauge which plugged into OBD port, but this was mainly for temp or RPM if you didn't have rev counter, think it did MPH as well so technically possible but display very small. Then in recent years there are Head Up Displays. Personally, I'll stick with the car's own speedo for correct calibration of actual speed.

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12 hours ago, Puglet said:

Personally, I'll stick with the car's own speedo for correct calibration of actual speed.

Car manufacturers are required by law to calibrate their speedos so that they never under-read but can over-read by up to 10%, because of this they usually tend to calibrate them to over-read by around 5%. So they certainly cannot be considered accurate because of this legal requirement.

I agree with the comments that GPS devices are slow in responding and lag behind, I certainly experience this with my Road Angel speed camera monitor.

I have an OBD connected device similar to a Scan Gauge, but smaller as I felt the Scan Gauge was too large and ugly, purchased from AliExpress. As expected comparing this with the GPS speed, when driving at a steady speed to eliminate lag problems, it was 5% over-reading - but since it has a calibration feature I've been able to make it read accurately and without the GPS lag.

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I bought this for £33 on eBay.

bought as a Rev Counter as car doesn't have one but it has loads of other info including Speedo. 

It's plug and play in the OBD2 connector.

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Get an ELM327 OBD2 adapter and the free version of the Torque app. You can then use your phone to provide rev counter, temp gauge, voltage and speedo in analogue or digital. All for about a fiver. Warning, don't leave the OBD2 plugged in if the car is unused for any length of time. It will flatten your Battery. You can also read and clear fault codes with this.

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