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Michael mc c

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Can anyone tell me why my satnav isn't working I bought a touch and go unit 59005 model on eBay and everything is working perfectly accept my satnav it loads up but won't show the map in my area coming up England maps my car didn't have the GPS antenna so I purchased an aftermarket one for Toyota and fitted it today but still not able to pick up my location keeps says not (navigable) when I try to input an address in my area can anyone tell me why this is happening thanks 

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If I read this right, the Satnav boots up and displays the England (and the other countries?) but there is no positional information. 

Can you scroll the map? 

If the map is not frozen then you thought on providing an aerial might be on the right lines.   No, or poor signal might be your problem. 

The other possibility if there is a signal is the Satnav memory is out of synch with the constellations. Normally it will synch quite quickly but if there is a large difference it might take some time. 

I think your first step it to find out if there is a good signal at the display end. 


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Further to initialisation, it can take 5 to 30 minutes to initialise.  Usually 5 minutes I am told. 

Obviously you also need a clear view of the sky.  Once initialised, in my experience, it can give you good positioning based limited satellite data and snap to map. 


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