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Decent rear view mirror replacement for Aygo?

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Does anybody know any good aftermarket replacement rear view mirrors (preferably with the slide in clip already stuck to the window) for a 2012 Toyota Aygo?


I was stupid and paid £11 on eBay and got one that was such low quality I don't even think it's fit for purpose (no anti-glare, despite having a switch to dip the mirror which just prevents you seeing out the back window and a loose ball joint), the fitting clip has a defect so it doesn't actually fit so I'm hoping that's my ticket for a refund (if it was a decent enough replacement I'd have probably took the time to cut off the plastic which is preventing it from fitting). 


My old mirror is peeling but still usable at this moment.

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10 hours ago, flash22 said:

The mirror is a PSA part, not Toyota, there are a lot of cheap aftermarket mirrors most are utter carp


87810-0H010 fits 2007-2021 retail is £45

eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223584355050



That's exactly the thing, isn't it? The PSA part is £45 and utter tat on eBay is a quarter of that price...I know which I'd buy. You generally always get what you pay for.

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buy genuine used from eBay , if you particular model has not good enough, see if other mirrors from larger PSA cars fit and buy one of these. Aftermarket mirrors are often inferior products. 

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It's a very old mirror design

it fits...................


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