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Hello from Ascot


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Hello everyone.  My real name is David (Dave) and I have been a Toyota owner for years.  I am just upgrading from a 14 year old Prius (131,000 miles) to an almost new Yaris Hybrid Design (mark IV).  I loved my Prius and always managed to get about 54-58 mpg from it without super-cautious driving. I'll miss the £20/year road tax!  I've passed it on to one of my children so it's staying in the family.   I'm looking forward to getting even better mileage from the Yaris.  I'm not a petrol-head, for me cars are utilities that get me from A to B in relative comfort, so my main criteria are reliability and low running costs, hence Toyota.  Before the reign of Toyota, I was a Renault owner for many years - Savanna, Espace, Laguna - this was when I had to carry 3 of my own children and many hangers on, so these were 3 rows of seats models!  (I have the say the Renault Savanna was the most comfortable car I've ever driven.)  Now it is just me and the missus 90% of the time plus 2 grandchildren when we do the school run, so the Yaris is ideal. 

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Hi Dave, and welcome. I'm sure you'll be happy with your new Yaris. Our Yaris should be here in September, or thereabouts.

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