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RAV4 D-cat 2006


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Good evening I am new to the world of Toyota’s just brought a 2006 Rav4 T180 D-cat and have already encountered my first problem with the car after only 3 days of ownership ☹️
when driving at Motor way speeds around 60 mpg I have noticed every so often I get a puff of smoke come out the exhaust now as I am driving unsure of the colour but looks a whitish grey colour at slower speeds I do not seem to get it.

oil level is okay , coolant level looks okay ,  checked oil cap no white gunk , got a friend to do a sniff / block test which it passed so I think the head gasket is okay being new to the brand has anyone had this problem before. Also I only seem to be getting 30-35 mpg is this normal???  I have always had Honda’s previously and my CRV was giving me between 45-55 mpg without even trying.

Thanks in advance 😁😁

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That could be the system cleaning out the build up soot in the exhaust system and doing a "regeneration" of the DPF.  Mine does this but not constantly or often. Being a diesel, it won't like short journeys, as the system will never get hot enough to perform this function.

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