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ECO Mode

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I use:

ECO when on motorways just cruising

NOMAL as it states

SPORT when required - at traffic lights and overtaking

I always switch between whatever i need.  But I have found that ECO it just feels like there is something trying to stop you from putting your foot down.

I did check from ECO at a set speed you flip to Normal and it accelerates a bit more ... and Sport it accelerates more again - all without moving your foot.

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I’ve stopped using Eco mode in our Yaris and if anything it is actually more economical in normal mode

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I leave it in normal mode all the time. I finesse the pedal at low speeds and if I want to go fast I mash the pedal to the floor. I don't need electronics to help with either of those 🙂

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I leave mine on eco, no problem with power whatsoever (2.0 TS) when really needed.

Also very happy with the 70mpg on a long run in decent weather, as a result.


I claim per mile, so any messing around is seriously off the table!

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