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T25 front headlight self leveling sensor location


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Hi all.                                                   

I don't know if I'm posting in the right forum or place.  My self leveling headlights is not working on both sides so would like to get to the sensors to check. I would like to find out where the front headlight auto leveling sensor is and how to remove it. Seen a lot of tutorials on rear but nothing on the fronfront.I  have a t25 2.2 diesel with xenon lights. I am from South Africa so rhd.

Thanks in advance




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There are two level sensors both underbody look for a small box fixed to the car with ball jointed links onto front RH suspension and another rear RH suspension

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Thanks a lot Devon.

Will check them today

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Hi Devon.                                            

Newbie mistake.

I have taken off the sensors with arms but cannot remember which way they go back especially the front ones. If any help regarding this will appreciate it.

Before my car was was giving me a headlight sign on initial check,now it comes up with headlight leveling warning after I removed and put them back.

Thanks again




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