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Overhead storage for Corolla?

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As a long term Prius owner - 154K when I sold her - I've now swapped to a Corolla hybrid and am enjoying the experience.

The only thing that's annoying is the lack of somewhere to stash your sunglasses. The Prius had a drop down box on the headlining which was perfect so I'd love to find an after market solution I can put in place of the alarm sensor switch. 

If I cant find anything I'll have to resort to seeing if I can 3D print something...


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I'm not sure about a solution to go where the alarm switch is but I just use one that clicks onto the passenger side sun visor to hold my sunglasses. Works very well of not particularly attractive.

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Got a link? I'd like something like that! Miss the bazillion cubby holes I had in the Mk2 now I have the Mk4!

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I think this is the one I have. You just push on it and it pops open. Cheap and works well.

I was thinking of looking for a cream coloured one for when my corolla gets built. I use this black one on my Auris.


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Also you can still use the sun visor because the box fits into the space between the visor and the windscreen when you open the visor so it doesn't get in the way.

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