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H-CR 2018, Broken left side mirror (LHD)


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The left side mirror (foldable) on the car was hit by another car and apparently the upper part is broken from it's base. however, it can be pushed back to the holes in the lower part and it fold and unfolds. the problem is, of course that it's not as it should be and it easily falling apart. I would like to ask if it's possible to glue it (the three pins to their sockets), I hope that it can be seen on the picture or there is any other way to mend it beside buying a new mirror?

Please be aware that it's a left hand drive car - the mirror is on the driver's side.

Attached the model number. I'll provide the VIN if it might help.  



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I had a very similar problem on an Auris Mk2 mirror when it was hit by a large bird.

In that situation the part that you are intending to glue was probably too highly stressed for glue to help repair it.

While I looked into finding a new mirror, I did repair it with a hollow, modified bolt that I had had made by a local engineering company, to repair another mirror on an different car some years earlier!

That bolt fitted down the middle of the hollow tube that has snapped in your mirror base. The flexible cable (wiring loom) went inside the bolt.  (Lower picture)

Obviously, you won't have this bolt and don't want to go to these lengths.  I'm mentioning this as an example of how awkward it is for the mirror to be put back together.

The spring that squeezes the two parts together in normal use (the two parts that you want to glue together) is very strong indeed (red arrow is pointing to this).

On the Auris there is  a lower decorative cover (blue arrow) that can be levered off, so that you then have access to the top and bottom of the snapped plastic part, so you could try clamping them together.  But you are sharing space with the wiring loom that goes down the same hole. 

But you'll need a selection of washers and bolts to find the 'correct' size to make the temporary repair!

In our case this repair lasted for a few months until a good secondhand part was available.  

Perhaps the C-HR mirror is similar?




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