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97 Avensis central locking

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I've just bought a 97 Avensis 1.8 GLS automatic. 

The interior saloon light wasn't working so I changed it.

When I put the bulb it lit up but it didn't look like it was in properly, so I took it back out and did it later.

Now it doesn't work, along with the central locking also the trip meter and time clock return to zero every time I turn it off.

I'm guessing it's a fuse, but which one and where?


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I think it is the Dome fuse, it was a few years ago now so I can't remember the location of the fuse. 

Could be worth trying a search of this forum for Dome fuse. I am sure it has been written about previously. 

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Check the 7.5a dome fuse located in the engine compartment fuse box. Another issue is that the early Mk1 T22 (pre facelift), can have issues with the interior dome light that can short, due to the design. I replaced my dome light unit with a different design.
Here is the original post to which I replied - 


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