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Fault code help please 2.0 d4d


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Recently had to change turbo and no4 con rod (so cylinder head gasket renewed all filters changed) engine ran ok for several 20/30 mile trips including motorway trips 70+mph and starts perfectly from cold,but recently the engine cut out with warning whilst in slow moving traffic and wouldn’t restart for about 20 minutes then started and continued to run, the engine still starts perfectly from cold but either won’t or is difficult to start when warm and seems to accelerate fine but runs out of steam at the top end of the Rev range, I borrowed a snap diagnostic system and recovered the following faults codes which all cleared and haven’t reoccurred 

P0100 maf circuit fault,

P1115 air temp circuit fault,

P1215 edu circuit fault,

P1670 injection pump fault

when the engine refuses to start symptoms are flat battery/lazy starter motor 

i have fitted a new earth lead to the engine block directly from the Battery negative post, cut still experiencing same faults 

any suggestions, anybody experienced this before!

before I start throwing expensive parts at it 

thanks Kevin 

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