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Lidl Car battery Charger


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I have a couple of these but the older model, one at work & one at home.

There pretty decent chargers for the price. 

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The price of smart chargers have been falling through the years but quality difference is definitely there. Lidl smart chargers probably is good for day to day charging but the big questions are (1) will it charge a Battery with less than 2 volts charge (a run down battery), (2) will it restart after electricity break/pause (3) will it recondition the Battery (desulfation), (4) will it go down to maintain and trickle charge for many days after charging if you are away for months. A more expensive Ctek charger will do all that, so read the fine print. I have two Ctek chargers and one of them is 20 years old! They cost more but are really good. I have besides those other two low cost smart chargers bought from supermarket. Both of these cheaper ones don't do all of above and I rarely use them.

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On 5/9/2022 at 10:38 AM, Davidhee58 said:

For those who is looking for car battery charger, the Lidl Ultimate Speed Car Battery Charger is available now for £13.99, ebay price is ~£25-£30, everyone said it's a good battery charger, so it will be gone soon.

I bought one. It’s a nice charger. 




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