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catalyst converter replacement

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I have an Auris 2007 1.6 petrol 140.000 miles on clock.I did noticed a hesitant acceleration and a hissing sound like a turbo when i step on it.

A guy diagnosed that my catalyst converter needs replacement.No engine lights.

He gave me  a price of 1300 pounds.A dealer gave me a price of 1400 pounds and another garage 400 pounds.

I am not sure why all this discrepancies in price tag.

Any thoughts.

Also is it common to have the catalyst failing or should I look for more serious engine issues?


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£400 likely to be an aftermarket part and sometimes they might be good but sometimes can cause engines errors after installation. Best to go for dealer £1400 but that’s a bit high for an old car. All is up to you. 👍 You may also fine eventually a used original part from another car with less miles that been scraped. You will need to look around. 

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The price is too high indeed.

Is it an OEM reliable-in case of engine errors will it be reading errors or cause all the time engine to be stalled etc..


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Ouch. Yes the £400 will most likely be an after market product. 

Personally, for a car that age. I would go for the aftermarket. However, do check and make sure that garage is a reputable one.


The reason for the descrepancies will be because if the amount of precious metals. After markets tend to have less in them. 

Mine got stolen from my Mitsubishi, last year. Quoted around the same high cost from dealers.. 

However, a friend of my dad's got me an after market one and installed it for £250 in total (discounted). So, £400 isn't that bad. 

With all the CAT thefts on going at the moment, I'd say the aftermarket is a no brainer. 

Never had any trouble with mine. 

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Thank you.

I will go for OEM.

I was stepping on it for months thinking that the hissing sound was from the sport exhaust..apparently not.

Could I have damaged the engine?No lights on so far.

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