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2015 Aygo clutch failed?

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Hi experts. My 36,000 mile 15 plate Aygo suddenly died this morning. All of a sudden from a cold start this morning the clutch seems to have died. This is the current situation. Pedal extremely stiff suddenly. You can barely press it to the floor. And you cannot put it into gear.  Leading up to this I had just reversed a couple of feet, clutch down to change into first but it didn’t feel right. Took out of gear and then tried pedal again but barely moved. I could not press it to the floor. Got a lift to work and tried when I just got home. Seems like I can almost press to floor but not put into gear. Any suggestions most welcomed. Many many thanks. 

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Sounds like a clutch release bearing issue, car is out of manufacturers warranty however if you have serviced this car with Toyota since 1st June 2021 as if so you should have the new relax warranty cover ( release bearing is covered by relax )

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Thank you both. I have only had the car 3 months. Sadly yes out of warranty. Got a garage in Northampton that can take a look next week. Not sure if we can mention names here. Looking to get it serviced by Toyota when due to get the warranty deal! Thanks again. 

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