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IQ Dies and resurrects


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Help please, I've a recurring problem  with my IQ 1.0 VVT-i 2 3dr randomly stops working nothing electrical functions for x amount  of minuets then it comes back to life as if nothing was wrong. The issue has no happened whilst driving which is a bit scary to say the least. I've no idea where to start looking so any hints would be welcome.

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Hi Pete. 

I would first check that the connections to the Battery are free from corrosion and secure. It would be worth disconnecting the negative connection first, and checking that the Battery post and the inside of the mating surface of the connector are free from corrosion. With the negative cable still disconnected, repeat the above on the positive terminal. If OK, reconnect and secure the positive cable FIRST, followed by the negative cable. If corrosion was evident and subsequently removed, a smear of vaseline on the termination connection will be good for fending off future corrosion problems.

Also check the negative connection to the chassis just aft of the Battery for corrosion and that connection is good.

Obviously enlist help from a competent person if not confident carrying out he above.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for that, the negative terminal was slightly loose so hopefully that was the cause, as always with intermittent faults you never know if your fix worked.

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