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Toyota RAV4 DPF and 5th injector


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Hello all, looking for people who had a similar experience. I have Toyota Rav4 2006 2.2 diesel 130Kw, and I had to change the dpf recently.. costs 750 for the part, not OEM. After it was installed, the car started smoking as hell, brought it back and replaced the dpf sensor since it was faulty. Didn't help the smoking though. Now seems there is an issue with the 5th injector and the mechanic advised to use OEM parts, with total costs of 2800 euros. OEM DPF and OEM 5th injector. 

The 2800 would mean it is 1/2 of what I paid for the car a couple of years ago, so I am trying to find ways of bringing the cost down by using aftermarket parts.

Anyone else had similar issues? And what did you do to have it fixed? Honestly, my plan to fix this and sell the car.

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Lots of people have had similar issues.  I knew before I had finished the first sentence that the new DPF had not cured it.

I've read everything I can find on this subject and I've yet to read the cure.

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exact issues here but with the Auris.

i have wasted over 2000 euros in trying to fix it which at the end i payed a shop to open the dpf en empty it about 200euros and another shop to reprogram the dpf out of the system another 350.

during the time that we were trying to find solutions a year had passed and because the car was constantly regenerating it damaged 2 injectors.

I suggest getting a 5th injector which i bought last year for only about 60 euros on eBay original denso and check if that solves it as its cheap and easy to replace.

If it doesnt stop do a dpf delete and everything will stop and plus you will get better mpg and a bit less turbo lag

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