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MyT App... any issues?

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Is anyone else having issues with the MyT App?

Mine is not logging journeys - usually it is intermittent but i do have a good signal - even Google Maps is picking me up so nothing wrong with signal.

I recently went to Cornwall from North Wales and it registered me going all the way to Exeter, but then just stopped (even though i did not stop in Exeter).  Then it logged me doing a 1 mile trip to get fuel... but then did not log me going back again.

Recently went to Carlisle and it logged my journey there, but then logged me as stuck at the M6 J42... and when i got home it claimed my car was still there.

It really is a useless app if it does not work as required and intended.  I have it on both my work and private phones... and they both do the same thing: once you try to log in it shows 5% and hangs... then goes to 65% and then hangs... and then claims can't log in due to error.

I have removed the app and re-loaded, etc. but still happening...


Also the app does claim spurious info like telling me i'm bad braking when actually doing 50mph and even claiming bad braking and good braking at the same point on map/location.  It is very unreliable.

I have contacted them via the app contact and they claim just no signal.  It isn't due to lack of signal as very good signal.  And bad signal on two phones?  Don't think so as other map apps (I have Google Maps, OS Maps and another app that requires location) work with no issues whatsoever.

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Yeah it’s carp. . . . Since October last year it thinks I spend at least 23hrs a day (sometimes 40+hrs) of driving within a 24hrs period. . . Go figure. 

Thankfully it’s only time logging mine doesn’t work properly with. Mileage & fuel economy are alright. 

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It’s about as much use as a chocolate tea pot I tend to log into the website and check my driving analytics and journeys from there.

I have planed a journey and used send to car and that doesn’t work either just look at my T reviews!

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