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Aygo washer connector


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Hello everyone!

In my '08 Aygo, i noticed that the front washers not work (No fluid at all), but i could hear that the pump was working well. I checked the hoses and i found out that my hose washer connector (sth like white cross) (in front of the windshield under the metal rack) is broken. ..So the fluid is pushed only in the rear washer, as the front hose is "in the air"..Any ideas, how to open the black metal rack as the connector and the hose are under that and change them?

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Metal rack ?? The washer jets are mounted in the plastic scuttle

remove the wiper arm, the first 1:15 of this video is all you need to follow to access the washer jet and pipe work


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Appreciate your reply!I checked yesterday all the above steps and it was really easy to remove the plastic scuttle. Then i changed the hose connector and all worked..Many thanks for the video!

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