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2012 Yaris fit 2017 Bumper and lights??

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Hi all, Ive just bought a 2012 Toyota Yaris with some light front end damage. I believe that the 2017 front bumper and headlights could be fitted to facelift the car.

Looking online the front wings and bonnet are the same parts on 2012 to 2017 cars so Im taking a punt that toyota only changed the bumper and lights and possibly the upper front panel.

Just wondering if anyones done this conversion or knows of any issues I haven't considered?

Cheers, Rob


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21 minutes ago, flash22 said:

hybrid or non hybrid ?


14-17 first facelift

17-20 second facelift

Mines a 2012 1.3 petrol non hybrid.

Looking to facelift it with the 14 -17 first facelift front bumper and headlights

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The front end is the same bumper mounts are different, plugs for the headlights may be different, not sure about the crash bar/mounts tho

14-17 there are 2 type of headlights halogen that uses a H4 and the LED DRL with the HIR2 bulbs

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