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Toyota estima 2009 G spec - AUX input

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I’m going to get the headunit replaced, most likely with a single DIN unit with floating 9 inch display. I just felt given the size of the Estima a double DIN would look a bit lost as they’re restricted to a 7 inch screen. I’m going to upgrade the front and rear cameras at the same time.

The cost of the fascia, harness, DAB antennae, and anything else, plus fitting will cost £400 -£500 so bear that in mind, but if you get a professional to do it they’ll most likely know what they’re doing and be able to do it more neatly and more quickly.

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Here’s a recent post from Ben Hau. This CarPlay device is fitted to a 20 series Alphard, the bigger sister to the Estima.



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Seems he’s the only one who can do this on Alphard, and he uses the video channel on the headunit. 
From what users on an Alphard forum are saying he charges about £350 and is in Birmingham.

Everything else on the unit remains in Japanese tho

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ah, i know what he is using - they are fine while working but are unsupported android so if they update they tend to get corrupted - it uses the Gvif interface in place of the nav so gives you touch screen and video

if not its direct connect to the LCD via a ribbon cable


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