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Looking for some 1.6 Valvematic opinions


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Good day!

Because I can not find a lot of relevant info regarding this engine, I would like to ask you, guys: is the 1.6 Valvematic a reliable engine?

I am looking for a 2nd gen Auris for my family with manual gearbox and 1.6, and this engine seems like a good choice on paper. Indirect injection, decent power, Toyota NA engine and (correct me if I'm wrong) some of the tech that Honda created with their VTEC. Subjective thing, since I own and love a Type-S Accord CL9. The desired car has around 110.000km (or around 70k miles). How does the timing chain hold? Any major issues with anything? The car is Euro 6, from 2016 or so.

Thank you very much!

PS: Bad english alert, not my native language. 🙂

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Hi and welcome. 
1.6 Toyota engines been in production for a long time and they are very similar to 1.8 and 1.8 hybrids. All of them are good, reliable units. Early 2010 MY had some vvti issues but I believe in later one these been upgraded and no worries there. Timing chain should be fine for the life of the car. To warrant that you need to keep servicing  on time and use only genuine or high quality parts and fluids. Timing chain tensioner usually leaks oil and give up at some time but that is not so expensive to repair. I have hybrid 1.8 and now after 210k miles I am about to change that tomorrow., and this will be my first thing that I am about to change on the engine except normal service. Make sure the car has all service up to date and double check your local Toyota dealer if they offer extended warranty with every service, they do here in uk and if you are not about diy perhaps is better to service the car at the dealer. All usual checks for used car prior to your purchase and that is pretty much all. Enjoy your new car 🚗 

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